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Dalton, GA


Our Story

Since 1840, Beattie Carpets has been the America's oldest, continuously run flooring company under the management of the same family.


A look into our past...

An Irish immigrant, Robert Beattie, Sr. came to America to fulfill his life-long dream in the free market sector. His passion became reality when he began manufacturing carpets with his two sons, William and

Robert Jr., under the name "Robert Beattie & Sons". (pictured above, left to right, Robert Beattie Sr., William Beattie, Robert Beattie Jr.)

In 1840, he purchased a white frame building used as a Grist Mill from the Miller brothers. This was the site of the historic Gray's Furnace in Little Falls, New Jersey prior to the American Revolution. Beattie then began to manufacture and industrialize carpets.  Within a short  time, this building proved to be inadequate for the growing business, resulting in a four-story building of brown stone being erected in 1858. This building was enlarged by the addition of a brick structure in 1876, cementing the name "Beattie" in America's Carpet and Rug Industry.  It is reputed that the first power looms in America were used in the Beattie Mill in Little Falls, New Jersey. The same building still stands today as a beautifully preserved condominium overlooking the Passaic River.

Robert Beattie Sr. was one of the great quintessential capitalists of his day, and well noted as a successful and generous business man.  Beattie embraced America in her foreign and domestic pursuits.  Documents have shown the company's benefaction for the Civil and Spanish-American wars, as well as WWI and WWII.



Bob, named Robert W. Beattie after the two sons of Robert Beattie Sr., Robert and William, followed in his predecessors footsteps.  A natural born salesman, Bob was known at the local market at the age of 6, heckling and bargaining with the store owners over the fresh crabs he had caught that morning.  Literally born into the carpet industry, Bob joined the original New Jersey based company in 1955, continuing the family's history in the Flooring Industry.  Bob began his career with Beattie Manufacturing by unloading trucks of wool with bailing hooks while attending Georgetown University.  Upon his graduation in 1958, Bob became a salesman for the company.  In 1965, he was promoted to Operations Secretary, followed by a promotion to Director, and then Senior Officer of the company, continuing to act as Senior Sales Officer, selling to all 50 states, until 1976.

Warning the company of the future of the carpet industry, but left unheeded, the 5th generation entrepreneur sold his 44% stake in Beattie Manufacturing in 1979.  His gamble, a small town in Northwest Georgia known as Dalton.  With Dalton's humble beginnings, so came R.W. Beattie Carpet.  His stake paid off, becoming a leader in the Flooring Industry.  Sadly, Beattie Manufacturing was forced to close their doors as the Carpet Capital of the World made its claim.  R.W. Beattie Carpet Industries, Inc. became a leading exporter of the best floor covering products the Carpet Capital of the World has to offer.


Today, after 60 years in business, 35 of which have been in Dalton, Georgia, Bob has exported carpet, rugs, vinyl, and flooring accessories throughout numerous countries including China, India, the Netherlands, and the Caribbean.  His goal is to be the number one supplier of carpet and carpet sundries in the markets he serves.

Trust the oldest name in carpet for all your flooring needs.  At Beattie Carpets, we sell you

the BEST the Flooring Industry has to offer!